October, 2020

Dear Splooters Clients,

We look forward to continuing to provide superior customer service during this time. Whether this is your first service or continuing service, we want you to know we are taking coronavirus concerns very seriously and ask that you adapt to the same expectations. We have implemented protocol aligned with the CDC to better protect our clients and their families.

To ensure your pet(s) enjoy our services while decreasing the risk to yourself and family, we will be following and asking everyone to adhere to the following requirements:

We will be conducting the initial Meet & Greet in a manner comfortable, safe and acceptable to everyone involved. We require that everyone maintains 6 feet of physical distance from each other while wearing face masks.

  • We will use hand sanitizer prior to entering your household.
  • We will wash hands often and wear a face mask over our nose and mouth, while inside the residence.
  • We will sanitize all touched surfaces, with owner’s approved and provided cleaning products.
  • We will stay home when we are sick and will notify client immediately if we have visited your home.
  • Please isolate and notify us immediately if anyone in your household becomes sick, so we can protect against and limit the spread.
  • We will get tested immediately if we have any symptoms.
  • We will follow CDC guidelines that if we have been in contact with anyone that has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 we will self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • We will also follow any additional personal cleaning protocol you may have adopted in your own household.

Although our community and local businesses are doing a lot to help reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, no public environment is completely risk-free. The commitments outlined above will help protect everyone.

Thank you in advance for helping to protect yourself and our community.

With Gratitude,
Joanne Ehinger