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When you can’t be there to take care of your furry friend, Splooters Overnight Care is here to help. We offer low cost dog boarding near me, so you can rest assured that your dog is in good hands. We’ll take care of all the feeding, walking, and caring while you’re away and make sure they have a safe and secure place to stay.

We know that leaving your dog overnight can be stressful, so we offer a few different options for care.

Our in-home overnight care lets you rest easy knowing your pet is relaxed in their own home with one of our qualified Pet Care Specialists. This service includes overnight supervision, two walks, evening feeding, and morning feeding, medication administration if needed, potty breaks, litter or cage cleanup, and regular updates with photos keeping you informed of how your pet is doing. If needed, we will also water plants, alternate lights/blinds, turn on radio/tv, bring in mail/newspaper, take garbage/recycling to the curb, and clean up waste.

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We understand that sometimes it may be challenging to decide if you need overnight care for your sweet pup or if it would be okay to leave them alone.

It’s generally not a good idea to leave your dog alone for more than a few hours at a time. But how long can a dog be left alone overnight if you have to?

Our answer depends on several factors, including your dog’s age, breed, personality, and how well they tolerate being alone. Some dogs do just fine on their own for eight hours or more, while others may start to experience separation anxiety after only an hour or two.

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding how long to leave your dog alone:

  • Puppies and young dogs generally cannot be left alone for more than four hours at a time. They need frequent potty breaks and socialization time with their human family.
  • Older dogs may be able to handle being alone for extended periods, but they still need plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. Boredom can lead to destructive behaviors like chewing and barking.
  • Dogs with separation anxiety may suffer from anxiety and stress when left alone. This can lead to health problems like diarrhea, vomiting, and an increased heart rate. If your dog has separation anxiety, it’s best to consult a veterinarian or animal behaviorist to find ways to help them cope.

In general, we believe it’s best not to leave your dog alone for more than eight hours at a time. If you must, ensure they have a comfortable place to sleep, plenty of food and water, and some toys or chews to keep them occupied. And always make sure they have a way to relieve themselves if they need to go potty.

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and you can’t always be there for your dog. That’s why we, Splooters Pet Services, offer low cost dog boarding near me for those who need to leave their furry friend overnight. We strive to provide a safe and loving environment for your dog while you’re away!

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