Pet Service Downingtown

Splooters is a professional dog walking and pet sitting service in the Downingtown area. We have likely helped your neighbors with their pets! We do pet sitting, dog walking, overnight care, pet taxing, shopping for your pets, and even attending to your pets. When we say attending to your pets, we mean that we have helped watch over couple’s pets while they are getting married or attending a family reunion.

The two services that we do most often though are dog walking and pet sitting.

Dog Walker Downingtown

Do you have a furry best friend that’s always with you wherever you go? If so, then it’s likely time to invest in some pet services. We offer full-service dog walking and pet sitting for every type of animal in Downingtown. Our dog walking service includes a 30 minute walk for 1-2 pets, a pet sitter, love and affection for your furry friend, a potty break, water, and medication.

Pet Sitter Downingtown

There are many pet sitters in Downingtown. Whether you’re looking for a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, or any other pet services, chances are we have a solution for you. We’re dedicated to providing exemplary pet care and have developed a reputation for excellent customer service. Just check out the reviews we have on Google!

We can do daily visits or overnight visits; whichever would make you feel more comfortable. We have proven that we provide only the best pet sitting services time-and-time again.

What is included in our pet sitting service?

? 30, 45, or 60 Minutes

? 1-2 Pets

? 1 Pet Sitter

? Play, Love & Affection

? Potty Break

? Food & Water

? Medication

? Scoop Litter Box

? Clean Pet Areas

? House Care

Contact Us Today!

We have experience helping doctors, lawyers, accountants, and many other professionals who are away on work take care of their pets. If you want to learn more about the services that we offer, you can reach out to us at 484-889-8363 or by using our form here.