Pet Sitters Near Me – Reasons Why You Need a Pet Sitter For Your Cat

Reasons Why You Need a Pet Sitter For Your Cat

Do you need a pet sitter in the Philadelphia region for your kitten? We provide the finest, most experienced pet sitting services in Philadelphia, PA at Splooters. Many pet owners believe that cats are easier to take care of than dogs because all they need is a litter box and don’t need to go on walks. However, this couldn’t be far from the truth. Your cat is a member of your family and needs attention, love and care. Especially when you are away. What if there was a medical emergency? What if your cat got into a mess or had an accident somewhere. There are many reasons why your pet needs pet sitting services. Find pet sitters near me today.

Keep you cat out of messes

When you hire a pet sitter you will be able to stop your cat from getting into any accidents. Cats can be little rascals at times and get into things they shouldn’t. Your pet sitter has the experience needed to keep an eye on your pet while pet sitting. They’ll clean up any messes or accidents during their pet care visit, as if they never happened.

Keep your pet entertained and loved

Your pet sitter will adore your pet as much as you do while you are away! Your pet sitter can be your pet’s best friend that they get to spend their time with. A pet sitter will play with, feed, and care for your cat at all times. This ensures that your cats are cared for when you’re aways. Your pet sitter may even snap photographs to keep you posted on how well your pet is doing.

Be there in times of medical emergencies

What if your pet gets hurt or has a medical emergency while you are away? With a pet sitter, your cat will be in the hands of someone who is experienced with taking care of animals and knows what to do if something goes wrong. Most pet sitters have extensive experience caring for pets and can provide lifesaving pet first aid. Your pet sitter will know the nearest pet clinic or emergency animal hospital to take your cat if they become sick or injured.

Keep up habits and pet care routines

While pet sitting, pet sitters will continue care routines your cat may be used to. This includes feeding them at the same time, giving them toys to play with, petting and brushing their fur, and other forms of pet care. These pet care routines help keep your cat happy and healthy while you are away from home.

Let Splooters take care of your cat while you are away

The pet sitters at Splooters are pet lovers who will treat your pet like family. They offer pet sitting for cats of all breeds and sizes in Philadelphia, PA. You can leave your home with peace of mind knowing your pet is being taken care of by pet sitters from Splooters.

Our pet sitters are professional, experienced and ready to help keep your pet happy and healthy while you’re away! Our mission is to help pet owners like yourself by providing the best pet care possible. If you want pet care that’s safe, reliable, and affordable contact


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